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Includes all the Miracles of Jesus and Full Bible Text and Explanations

This book is about the most extraordinary deeds of Jesus’ life: The Miracles. You will find out that Jesus’ miracles go beyond the fact itself. Miracles are another method Jesus used to tell us about God our Father. With each miracle, Jesus showed us, on a small scale, close and in a moment, what God our Father does constantly for us.

It is meant to help you to read, remember and understand Jesus’ miracles. That’s why we propose you three readings of each miracle: the Bible text, the miracle narrated through comic strips and the comment. The comments are suitable for boys and girls from 9 years up.

You can read the entire book right through or a bit daily. You can read all the miracles first in the comic strips and the Bible texts and leave the comments for a second and deeper reading.

For each miracle you will find its Biblical text in the translation of the Good News Bible. With the miracles that can be found in more than one Gospel, you will find the parallel passages. In spite of the fact the comic strip texts are exactly the ones of the Bible, we recommend that you also read the Biblical text.

The parents and teachers that use that book to explain the miracles can devote a session for miracle. I advise you to prepare the session by reading the previous comments as a guide for the explanation; each paragraph contains an idea and its development.