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My Key Verse Bible Flashcards

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This handy box contains 22 cardboard flash cards with important and easy to learn verses from the Bible. accompanied by related Bible stories and illustrations, the context and meaning of each verse becomes clear and helps establish mental pictures—making it easier for children to remember the verse.

Key Selling points:

  • Designed to teach kids Bible verses so scripture becomes part of thinking, part of their character.
  • Handy format fits all shelves and can stand up, lie down, or hang on a hook or peg.
  • Cute and Colorful art work by bestselling illustrator Fabiano Fiorin.
  • With real Bible text and Scripture references.
  • Great complementary product

Due to the lockdown imposed by the government (due to covid-19), we shall not be able to process any orders at the moment. We hope to resume as soon as we are allowed by the government to function as normal.

If you go ahead and place an order now, it will only be dispatched after lockdown has been lifted.